The Art of Hand-Tops

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La formation la plus complète


In the field of nails, a method of applying nails inGel or acrylic uses the DualForms, which are moldOr jigs to createNail extensionsIn a wayFastAndEffective. This technique is sometimes also called "double system forms" or "pop-it".

During this training, you will discover the essential steps to create beautiful and impeccable nails.

  • Application of a base: Our first step is to carefully apply a base layer or bonder on your natural nail. This preparationGuaranteesAn adhesionSolidFor the artificial material, thus ensuring a holdDurable.

  • Use of Double forms: With our method, you will use the Double forms, these toolsPracticesIn the shape of nails, to create extensionsCustomized. You will choose the size and shapeIdealFor your nails. Then you will apply the gel or acrylic in these mold with ease.

  • Pressure and adjustment: TheMagicOperates when the Dual Forms are firmly pressed on your nail. This technique createsInstantlyThe shape and length of which youDream. After this step, a cymerizationFastThanks to UV or LED lampGuaranteesA solid and impeccable result.

  • Withdrawing of Dual Forms: You'll be surprised how badly he isEasyTo remove the Dual Forms once the material is hardened. The result ? ABeautifulCarved nail extension that reflects your styleUnique.

  • Finish: Your carved nails are then subtly shaped, smoothed and polished to get an appearancePerfect. Finally, a finishing layer is applied to seal and protect yourCreation.

Our training gives you theInsuranceOfMasterThis technique and create breath-cutting nails.

You are ready to embark on this travellingExcitingTo sublimate your nails and yourTrustIn you.

Optimisation de vos compétences


Perfectionnez vos compétences en formes ballerine, carré et amande avec notre formation avancée, couvrant les dernières techniques

Technique innovante débutant(e)


Discover an innovative and revolutionary technique to achieve perfect nails without worrying about shape and construction! Do plus wait to integrate this service into your daily routine, which will save you time and energy.

Objective of the American Pose training:

  • Preparing natural nails and express manicure.
  • Understand how to choose and put the tips according to the nail shapes.
  • Done pose without demarcation.
  • Create different effects, such as degrades and inlets.
  • Master the deposit and filling method.
  • Learn to integrate this customer service to make your days profitable.
  • Taking photos.
Manucure express


Maîtrisez la manucure semi-permanente avec notre formation pratique et adaptée à tous niveaux, apprenez à utiliser correctement les embouts manucure.



Découvrez une technique révolutionnaire pour des poses express et prolongements variés, réservée aux professionnels. Apprenez à réaliser des poses rapides sans chablons, maîtriser la manucure et la pose des tips