About Us

Libra Nails Lab is an Italian brand born from the experience of a true nail artist: Giulisnails, owner of the Instagram page @ giulisnails. Like many nail technicians, she began her career at an early age experimenting with paint and paint brushes in her bedroom. After years of simple nail art, she decided to grow up taking advanced courses and launched new challenges by participating in international competitions, obtaining first place in various categories.

Arrival in Switzerland

Knowing thanks to their passion, namely the Nail Art on the theme of cartoons, Gilia and Marie, owner of the @ leszarts_de_marie page, after years of collaboration decide to bring Libra Nails Lab to Switzerland: the start of a fantastic adventure!

Les prix remportés par notre fondatrice @giulisnails

Obtention du "Master Level" lors du campus italien @nailqueenspro
Première place dans différentes catégories Nail Art @nailympia.germany 2023
Première place dans "Gel Polish Manicure" @nailympia.germany 2023
Première place "Joy of Nails" Trois structures + Nailart @nailympia.germany 2023