A world-renowned factory

SheMax is the plus large factory in Ukraine for the production of top-end equipment in beauty salons. SheMax is actively developing its own brand around the world and exports products to Europe and America.


SheMax is fully certified according to European standards. SheMax is a brand filed in Ukraine and on European territory. All products made by SheMax are the original design of the head of the company, who has many patents.

SheMax is the first company in the world to have conducted an in-depth scientific study of a dust dispenser on the basis of an international university and to prove the allergic diseases that dust can cause if the manicure does not have a SheMax dust dispenser.

A rapid evolution

SheMax has summer founded on May 1, 2018. Development began with the Ukrainian market. At the thread of the time, the company closed its sales in Ukraine, entered the European market and began to deal exclusively with exports. In 2022, pendant the war in Ukraine, in order to save the family, the company and the team, the SheMax company made a serious decision and moved with a team of specialists to the border with Hungary, and built a large factory there in 4 months.